Monday, January 3, 2011

A Solar Water Heater Made of PET Bottles

I found this old article from back in 2007. What a great way to do a little double-time recycling. After guzzling a ton of tasty soda, you can now get even more out of your old plastic bottles by using them to heat your water! Temas says:

"The government of the southern Brazilian state of ParanĂ¡ has been conducting an interesting experiment in environmental design utilizing waste materials.

Since August 2006 state agencies have sponsored projects to construct solar water heaters constructed from used PET bottles and “long life” (aseptic) milk packaging. So far some 3,000 such heaters have been constructed and put into operation in 254 ParanĂ¡ municipalities, in the process diverting about 1.2 million PET bottles and aseptic milk cartons that otherwise might have gone into landfills. It takes 200 PET bottles and 200 aseptic milk cartons to construct the solar water heater array.
It’s estimated that if the heater is used to heat the water for two bathrooms, it can save as much as 120 kilowatts per month."
However, if you're not quite into the extreme DIY approach as our friends in Brazil have so brilliantly developed, check out our approach, developed and designed right here in the heartland of the USA at


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  2. If you ever find yourself working on a large commercial job, be sure to check out the solar hot water tanks I'm making for the military. I'd like to hear your thoughts so feel free to post them.

  3. A great post, I love to hear of projects like this where people actually think of the environment and make an impact in reducing carbon footprints. Good on you for creating this.

    Installation costs can be very expensive but I know the government has started giving grants in certain areas to aid with the costs of solar water heater prices and I think over the coming years we will see more and more people turning towards these alternative power sources as once installed you won't pay for energy bills again.

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